Jersey Day

We wore Jerseys to highlight the importance of “connecting” with those around us and to show that being part of a ‘team’ of people is good for our well-being and mental health. The people who are around us can help us with any problems we have.

Orange Juice for the Amber Flag

Thanks to the helpers who squeezed the oranges for us! We all enjoyed a delicious drink of tasty orange juice! We choose to have orange juice as it is the same colour as the Amber Flag we are working towards during our Mental Health Awareness week.

Yoga Session for Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness Week

All Students participated in a lovely yoga session this week. We all learned some new skills. We did some yoga poses, breathing techniques and participated in a relaxation activity at the end. Parents were also invited in to have their own yoga session. Thanks to those who came and we hope you enjoyed it!

Fred the Party Professor

We had a visit from Fred the Party Professor today.He did lots of wonderful tricks which made us all giggle and laugh. Some of the students had the opportunity to participate in the show and get involved in doing the magic tricks too! We are still trying to figure out how he did some of the tricks! I wonder will we ever know?


Paired Reading

All our students participated in a paired reading session today. A lovely selection of stories were chosen by the children from junior infants to second class and our excellent readers from the senior room read them. We all really enjoyed it!

Internet Safety

Students in Threen NS have participated in lessons on Internet Safety from the Webwise Programme. We are aware of what a wonderful resource the internet is but also what a dangerous place it can be.

SESE Projects, Presentation for parents

Well done to all the senior room students who did a fantastic job on their projects. A huge amount of time and effort was put in to creating them. All the students had great confidence presenting them also. Thanks to all the parents who made the effort to come to school and see the wonderful work! It was lovely to have so many parents come in to visit and show their appreciation for all the hard work.


Feelings and Wellbeing

Today all children had a guest speaker in their classroom talking about the promotion of well-being and speaking about their feelings. In addition, they participated in mindful listening and mindful movement activities. It was a very worthwhile session and we learned a lot from it. After school, teachers had an informative session and some staff training also.