Charity Fundraising

Thank you to all the families and staff who donated so generously to our chosen local charity this Christmas. The money will undoubtedly go to a good cause. Your support is much appreciated.

Christmas Prayer Service

Students all attended a Christmas Prayer Service in Trien Church on Friday 18th December. Thanks to Fr John, who celebrated the prayer service with us, and to the children who read prayers and poems during the service.

History and Science Projects

Well done to all the students who did wonderful projects in History and Science. They learned a lot and gave wonderful presentations to the class. Keep up the

Great work!

The Tain Project- Zoom Learning

Senior room children are participating in in ‘The Tain Project’ via zoom¬† and are really enjoying it! They have also been writing Rosc poems, Praise poems, designing shields and weapons and listening to stories online.

Halloween Fun

Our students dressed up in wonderful costumes and had great fun for Halloween, baking, doing Halloween art and participating in an outdoor sweet trail instead of trick or treating!

Sacrament of Confirmation

Congratulations to Elisha and Daniel who received the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday. We hope the Holy Spirit will guide them on their journey through secondary school, and that they enjoyed their special day with their families.

Corona Virus Covid19

Children have all been taught the correct hand washing technique in school over the last number of weeks. Continue to put this into practice at home.

Following Government Directive, School will be closed until March 29th. We will be in contact with parents in due time with updated information.

All students have been supplied with some work which they can complete at home while the school remains closed.