Sacrament of Confirmation

Congratulations to Elisha and Daniel who received the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday. We hope the Holy Spirit will guide them on their journey through secondary school, and that they enjoyed their special day with their families.

Corona Virus Covid19

Children have all been taught the correct hand washing technique in school over the last number of weeks. Continue to put this into practice at home.

Following Government Directive, School will be closed until March 29th. We will be in contact with parents in due time with updated information.

All students have been supplied with some work which they can complete at home while the school remains closed.

Irish Dancing

All students had an Irish Dancing lesson today to coincide with our St Patrick’s Day celebrations, with our local Irish Dance Teacher Ethna Fahy. Lots of people learned new skills and enjoyed themselves.


Road Safety Authority Talk

All students listened to a guest speaker, Ruth from the RSA, talk to us about road safety. We learned some interesting facts including the during the day, as a pedestrian we are 300 times brighter and more visible if we wear a hi-visibility  jacket. In addition, all children smaller than 150 cm or 4ft 11inches must be in a booster seat in the car for their own safety.

Also, hi -visability jackets, armbands and lights for our bicycles are available free from the RSA website.



Wellbeing Week Tree Planting

Our Junior Infants were involved in planting an Alder tree at the front of the school. Hopefully, we will watch the tree grow along with all our Junior Infants students over their time in Threen NS

Odd socks

Students and teachers wore odd socks as a way to show that all feelings are ok and as a way to show we are all different. It is absolutely fine to have different feeling at different times in our lives.