Mask wearing and Covid 19 guidelines

Well done to all our students who have been fantastic at following all the school rules and Covid 19 guidelines , including the children in 3rd-6th class wearing masks in school. It is not easy. We have been taking added mask free breaks outdoors and the children have been adhering to all guidelines.

cute children wearing medical mask to prevent coronavirus covid 19, students children wearing protective medical mask vector illustration design

Online Activities

All the students have been engaging with online activities and zoom sessions in recent weeks.  The zoom sing-a-long and wellbeing check-in were valuable, fun and worthwhile.

Christmas Prayer Service

We visited the Church for a simple prayer service on Monday 20th December. Well done to all the children for participating in the readings, prayers and songs. Thanks to Regina for leading the choir.


Shelby the Corn Snake

Shelby the corn snake came to visit our school on Friday the 19th of November 2021.

He is owned by past pupil Kacie Joyce who was with us for the week on Transition Year Experience.

He is a male and is 5 years old.

He is fed every Sunday with a mouse or a small rat.

He sheds his scale every three months.

When he is about to shed, his eyes turn a cloudy grey.

Once he has shed, his eyes revert back to the colour black and his new scale is shiny.

The children and staff enjoyed Shelby (& Kacie) coming to see us and the children got to ask lots of questions during his visit.

Shoebox Appeal 2021

On Monday the 8th of November 2021, Team Hope called to collect the shoeboxes from the children who so generously gave to the boys and girls who have so little.

Halloween Fun and Maths Trail

Well done to all the students who made a fantastic effort with their costumes this year! Thanks to Mary for helping bake the Halloween treats. All children participated in an outdoor Maths Trail too, using their Maths Eyes and great counting and maths observation skills!

Baking and Following a Procedure

3 and 4th class were reading and writing procedures in English.

They then followed the instructions on the recipe and made Apple and Cinnnamon Muffins for everyone. We all enjoyed a delicious treat!

Farming Visitor

This week we were lucky to have a farmer, John, visit our school. The Junior room children were learning about the farm for their Aistear theme. Senior Room students were learning about the relationship between maths and farming and how maths can be useful on the farm. Thanks to John for the very informative session and for the treats he brought all the students. The students asked some very interesting questions and learned lots.