RSA Talk


Anne Patten gave us a talk on March 28th about safety on our roads. She explained the importance of wearing a high Vis jacket when out walking, always to go with an adult and only cross on a straight road with no traffic approaching.

She also explained the safety procedures when cycling, to check tyres, brakes and to make sure your helmet is fitted properly.


Irish Dance

For Seachtaine na Gaeilge Ms. O’ Beirne showed the class the steps to two irish dances, An Dreolín and Ballaí Luimnigh.

Some of the girls also attend Irish Dance classes locally and showed us a reel and a jig.


All Ireland Basketball Cup

On March 15th Ciarraí (our past pupil) and Holly joined us with their winning cups and medals. They both attend Castlerea Community School and they were very lucky in February when they won the U.16 Basketball League Title. In March they went on to win the Cup Final.

A hugh congratulations to the girls, their team and management on the great wins.



Lá na Gaeilge

Discovery Science – Step 3 – Engineering Week 2017

Engineers are naturally curious about how things work. In this activity, the children built a cradle using sellotape and straws. Their goal was to ensure that their raw egg landed safely on the ground when dropped from a height of 50cm. Some of the cradles they built were not big enough and the egg cracked. Other succeeded! All part of the exploration process 🙂