A Visit from RTE!

On Friday last, February 3rd 2017, we were delighted to have Jen and Dara from the RTE series, Operation Transformation join us in our school for the 10 @ 10. There was great excitement on the day among the children and staff.

We were very lucky to have been chosen from the thousands of schools in Ireland to be involved in the filming of the show.

Both classes were busy in January learning different dances with Kate. A big thank you to Kate for all her hard work!!

The whole school danced to ‘Saturday Night’ and the senior room had learned a dance to Cheryl Cole ‘Say My Name Remix’.  By the end of the day the children had no problem behind the camera.

Stay tuned to Operation Transformation this week to see the children in action.

Discovery Science – Step 1 – Growing Tomatoes

Today we planted tomato seeds. Growing tomatoes shows the children how a common edible fruit can be produced, from seed germination to flowering and fruit formation. While tending to their tomato plants, children will learn about the plant life cycle and the factors affecting growth.

We have watered our pots already today and they are now on a well-lit, warm windowsill. Now all we have to do is wait!

We have lift off!!!

Replanting our tomatoes on the 26th of April! My how they’ve grown!

Discovery Science – Step 4 – Make a Paper Rocket

In this experiment, the children became aware of how moving air can make things move. Children were encouraged to Design and Make their own rocket when given materials such as A4 sheet of paper, straw, scissors, pencil (of approximately the same diameter as the straw), sellotape and measuring tape.The children launched their rockets a number of times, firstly estimating the distances traveled and then measuring them and taking the average distance in a controlled test. They drew a graph afterwards to represent their results.


Did you know? Rockets were invented in China over 800 years ago. The first ones were very simple – a cardboard tube packed with gunpowder and attached to a guide stick – a bit like the fireworks we use today!!

Discovery Science – Step 1 – Making a bird feeder

Winter is here and many of our birds need our help to stay alive. At this time of the year, birds find it hard to find insects, worms, seeds, and berries. We can help by feeding the birds.

To make our bird feeder: We prodded the bottle with a scissors to make several holes all around the bottle. Consequently, we made two holes opposite each other about a third of the way up the bottle. We then pushed the pencil through both of these holes. This acted as a perch for the birds. After, we made two holes opposite each other near the top of the bottle. We then threaded the twine through the two holes and made a loop to hang off a branch of a tree. We filled the bottle with the sunflower seeds and put the lid on the bottle. So far, we’ve seen birds like Chaffinches, Bluetits and Sparrows feed from our hanging feeders!

Cheerios Childline Breakfast

In our school, it’s important to remember those in need so we decided to host a Cheerios Breakfast Morning. This is a fun charity breakfast which is hosted across the country to help support the ISPCC Childline services which answers calls from children in need across Ireland 24 hours a day. All funds raised on the day went to this worthy cause! Thanks for your support!

Threen’s Talent Show

Threen NS certainly has talent! We were entertained by singers, storytellers, poets, artists, comedians, musicians, dancers and sports stars! Congratulations to all involved!