Discovery Science – Step 1 – Heritage in Schools

Martina Butler visited our school on the 27th of February. The senior classroom learned about pollination and pollinators. They investigated if our garden was a pollinator-friendly garden which indeed it is. In our garden, we have long grasses, wild flowers, pots with herbs, flowers that have grown from bulbs and flowering trees. All of which prove very alluring to the buzzing bees! 

Guzzler and the polar bear taught the junior classroom about energy consumption and what can done to use less energy.

Stepping Back in Time

Children took their great grandaunt’s 100 year old copybook to school today! In it, she did her arithmetic and wrote about topics such as honesty, patriotism, the blessedness of toil, war and  the seasons. In a piece titled “Gratitude”, she wrote… “Gratitude is a virtue giving us an inward sense and an outward expression of thankfulness for benefits obtained”.  What a joy it was to read about Ireland in the early 1900s! 

Discovery Science – Step 4 – Amazing Triangles

Today the children constructed cubes, tetrahedrons and their own imaginative 3D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks! They learned that squares distort easily, when put under pressure. When they compared the strength of the square to the triangle, the triangle won hands down! The triangle is the only shape that cannot be deformed without changing the length of one of its sides.