Discovery Science – Step 3 – Visiting Raheen Barr/ Derrynadivva Windfarm

On March 16th, Peter Brett from Eco Power took us on a guided tour of his family’s wind farm. Eco Power rent the land on which the turbines are built from local farmers. Houses must be at least 500m away from these turbines.

These 32 wind turbines were built in 2004 and are remote controlled. They produce enough energy to power between 450 and 600 homes daily. Their blades can turn 360 degrees to suit the wind direction. The blades flatten out when they are stopped.

The main parts of the wind turbine are the tower, the hub and the fibreglass blades. It takes less than 1 day to assemble a wind turbine, the foundations and Renee bolts are put in place over 3 days and then they must wait for a calm day. The 2 towers are placed one on top of the other by a crane, then the macell box, the blades and finally the hub. Enercon and Vestes are the two companies who have built the wind turbine son this wind farm. Peter and his team maintain the Vestes wind turbines but Enercon monitor their own.

Electricity is produced when the mechanical turning force of the blades is changed to electricity in generator. This energy is then changed to a high voltage, low amp state so it can be transported to Eco Power’s substation, the power station in Castle ar to its final destination, the national grid. Currently, wind energy provides for 30% of Ireland’s energy needs.

Every part of the wind turbine is recyclable except the blades, which range from 48m to 52m in diameter on this farm. Some newer turbines are 2 and a half times the size of these. The strongest winds on this farm come from the West but the day we were there, the winds were coming from a Northwest direction. Eco Power’s grid connection allows for 35 turbines only so the next 3 will be erected in the coming year.

The children had a wonderful day and we thank Peter for taking time out to show us around!

Super Troopers in Cahill’s Super Valu.

On Monday March 13th, we got the opportunity to meet with Niamh Arthurs, a nutrionist. Firstly she explained the Food Pyramid to everyone. The class got to taste samples of plenty of healthy foods. They tasted blueberries, avocados, spelt and currant bread, smoked salmon and chicken tikka, almond and soya milk.

This was a very enjoyable trip for all. We would like to thank all the staff in Super Valu, Niamh from Biabites and Super Troopers.










A walk around Castlerea.

On Monday last, March 13th 2017 we took a walking Trail around the Suck Valley Way in Castlerea.

We had an organised visit to Super Valu. As it was a super day we made the most of the good weather and got some exercise in before that.

Mrs. Callaghan showed the class the map before we started and explained the route we were to take.

We passed the Elephants grave, St. Kevin’s G.A.A pitch, the island, the Fairy Garden, Bank of Ireland, Mace, the Courthouse, the Garda Station, Castlerea Community School, the Hub, Harmac, the at Super mart and at our destination-Cahills Super Valu.




Dance with Kate

Kate came in to teach us dance. The Senior Room performed a hip hop dance to Cheryl Cole “Say My Name”. They also done some free style dances.

The Junior Room performed the dance “The Macarena” and “Saturday Night”. Each class were put into groups and had to create four short movements and had keep in time with the music.

A big thanks to Kate for all her help.




Term 1 Award

Well done to Maebh in 6th class. She won an award in Term 1 for her participation in the active flag activities. She completed her Super Trooper activities each evening and took part in all activities in school.


U.20 St.Kevin’s Win.

We were very lucky to have two of our past pupils David and Ronan join us with the cup. They won the U.20 County Final for St. Kevin’s Castlerea. Thank you to Tommy and Noel for bringing the cup out to us. Of course there is always time for ‘the dab’!!





Debating in the Senior Classroom

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class participated in a class debate. The motions up for debate were ‘People are too dependent on handheld devices’ and ‘Famous actors and athletes earn too much’. Both the proposition and opposition put up very convincing arguments! Well done to all involved!