Christmas Art and Crafts

We’ve been very busy with arts and crafts for the month of December. The school looked great with all the decorations and everyone enjoyed being extra creative! I hope all the nice crafts look great at home now!

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Students and families were extremely generous gifting beautifully filled shoe-boxes for children less fortunate than themselves. Everyone made such a great effort and the children who receive the boxes will no doubt get great joy from them. Thanks to everyone who supported this appeal. Your support is really appreciated.

Maths Week using our Maths eyes

Maths week meant we were out and about around the school using our maths eyes to find maths in everything around us!  We found maths language and problems in lots of everyday things! We were measuring angles on the clock, finding shapes on the random items, adding dates on the school plaque, examining lines on the doors, counting animals on the pictures in the garden, measuring the length yard, estimating the distance from one area to another, doing surveys, building towers, designing costumes… and the list goes on! Students did outdoor maths trails and had great fun!

Tasty Apple Pie

Students from the Junior room, helped by Ms Reddington and Mary made some delicious Apple Pie. Everyone worked together as a group and created a delicious treat. Students learned about the ingredients and the method to create the tasty dessert. All the students tried the apple pie afterwards and enjoyed it. They even shared some with the other teachers!

MS Readathon

During the Months of October and November, our students took part in the MS Readathon. We read lots of books and raised awareness and money for people with MS. Everyone enjoyed extra reading time at school and home. Well done to those who raised money using thier sponsorship cards. Thank you to everyone who donated to this good cause!

Halloween fun in Threen NS

We had a great time building up to Halloween Celebrations. We did lots of Halloween Art and everyone dressed up in their costumes on the day of the holidays. Students from the Senior Room had a visit from Olive Mooney, an author who read a couple of chapters from her first book, an interesting ghost story! We played some traditional Halloween Games, and also got to guess and feel some of the body parts of a witch!!

Road Safety

The Community Guards, Micheal and Angela came to visit Threen N.S. today to talk about road safety. Our school is along a very busy road so they asked everyone to be very careful while leaving school and make sure to wait for an adult before going to their car when leaving school.

The students got some lovely gifts, a Road Safety pencil and ruler, along with a high visibility jacket.

Hurling Training

We have started our weekly hurling training with Michael. He teaches us a mixture of skills and we also play matches to practise our skills. Each session we have to wear helmets to make sure we are safe and prevent head injuries. We listen carefully to Michael when he is explaining the rules. We help each other put on the helmets and use encouraging words during the sessions. It is great fun!



Silly Sock Friday

Some of our students wore odd socks to school on Friday the 5th of October. We decided to do this because we were learning about different disabilities. We wore odd socks to show that it is ok to be different. We learned that we should respect peoples differences.

There were fluffy socks, spotty socks, stripey socks, sports socks, flowery socks and socks of different colours.