First and Second Class Poetry


An elephant is big and strong,

Her trunk is very very long,

Her tusks are made from ivory,

Some people call her Averie,

She has big floppy ears,

She is lovely don’t you fear.

Her feet are cushioned with soft tissues,

She does not have lots of issues,

She likes to hang out with her mother

And likes to play with the others.

She likes to eat ice-cream,

Lets play with her, shout and SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!



A bear is silly and might jump around,

Be very careful don’t make a sound,

He likes to play all day long,

Sometimes he sings a rhyming song.

A bear is fat and sleeps all winter,

He climbed a tree and got a splinter,

He swims in seas, rivers and lakes,

Watch out, he’s cheeky.

He might steal your cheese-cake.

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