Grandparent’s Day

As part of our Catholic Week celebrations, we invited all grandparents to come in to school for a few hours  on Wednesday 30th of January.We welcomed lots of grandparents. Our students were very excited and had been busy preparing themselves for this special occasion.

Some students recited poetry, did some Irish dancing, sang English and Irish songs, played musical instruments and had prepared questions to ask the grandparents. The Grandparents were lucky to  have the opportunity to see the work that had been going on in school and see and hear some of their grandchildren perform for them.

The Grandparents were very willing to share their experiences from when they were young and tell lots of stories so we could compare what it was like to be at school years ago and how it is different now. We learned lots of information from them. Some things have stayed the same and lots have things have changed so much.

We would like to thank  the grandparents who came along and joined in our special celebration. We couldn’t have done it without them and to those who brought flowers, and for their compliments on our classrooms. Also, thanks to all the parents, grandparents and students who were busy baking lovely treats for everyone, and to thank Fr. John who led us in a prayer service.

It was a wonderful occasion for the school community and a lovely opportunity to acknowledge the unique bond between the grandparents and our students. Hearing their stories was a wonderful learning opportunity for all the students and it was a chance for the grandparents to help pass on the faith our school community  as well as share their valuable knowledge with us.


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