Fr Tensin’s first visit to our school!

Today we were visited by our new parish priest, Rev Tensin Perera CC. He lead in prayer as we remembered the faithful departed. He also told us about his home country, Sri Lanka, which is an island in Asia. They have a population of more than 20 million. Sri Lanka was once called Ceylon before the country achieved official independence in 1961. Before Sri Lanka became a democracy, Sri Lanka was invaded by the Dutch and then in 1505, the Portuguese invaded and introduced Christianity to the country. Sri Lanka became a British colony in 1815. Sri Lanka also endured 30 years of a civil war. Today, 6% of the population are Catholics. Buddhism is the most widespread religion, with Islam and Hinduism on the increase. There are 3 languages spoken in Sri Lanka; Sinhalese, Tamil and English.

Sri Lanka is big supplier of tea, spices, pepper, cinnamon, coconut and rice. Their staple foods are rice, vegetables and spicy curries. They do not eat much diary in Sri Lanka. They have a hot climate and their homes are open and airy. Children start their school day at 7:30 and they finish at 1:30. They wear white uniforms to school.

There are many shoe and clothes producing factories in the country. They also have a keen interest in technology. It is a poor country. Their currency is the rupee.

Elephants, snakes, deer, leopards, monkeys, parrots and small bears can be found in Sri Lanka. Poaching is illegal. There is also an elephant orphanage to help protect the species.

We really learned so much about Sri Lanka and we wish Fr. Tensin health and happiness in his new role.

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