Discovery Science – Step 1 – Making a bird feeder

Winter is here and many of our birds need our help to stay alive. At this time of the year, birds find it hard to find insects, worms, seeds, and berries. We can help by feeding the birds.

To make our bird feeder: We prodded the bottle with a scissors to make several holes all around the bottle. Consequently, we made two holes opposite each other about a third of the way up the bottle. We then pushed the pencil through both of these holes. This acted as a perch for the birds. After, we made two holes opposite each other near the top of the bottle. We then threaded the twine through the two holes and made a loop to hang off a branch of a tree. We filled the bottle with the sunflower seeds and put the lid on the bottle. So far, we’ve seen birds like Chaffinches, Bluetits and Sparrows feed from our hanging feeders!

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