Discovery Science Step 1: Energy and Forces – Space Week

Skills:Working scientifically: questioning, observing, predicting, estimating and measuring

Content Strands: Maths: Numbers, Fractions.

Shape and space: 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes.

In this investigation, the children created a scale model of the earth and moon. They first estimated the size of the moon in relation to the earth and then the distance between the two. With the information that the moon is a quarter the size of the earth, the children proceeded to measure the circumference of the classroom globe using string. They divided it in fours by folding and inflated a balloon to correspond with the measurement. Knowing that the distance of the moon from the earth is 9.5 times the circumference of the earth, the children set about multiplying. They then measured that distance using a trundle wheel to display where the balloon or moon would be in relation to the earth in space.

image image

image image

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