Chain Reactions

The children had great fun putting this chain together. One by one, they put the lollipop sticks in place! A lot of teamwork and cooperation was involved! In this activity, the children observed the build up of potential energy, which was consequently converted to kinetic energy when the chain was released!

The Fruits of Procedure Writing!

The senior classes were given the task of making jelly and/or a dessert which used jelly as an ingredient. The wrote up the procedure they used to rustle up these delicious dishes at home. We have quite a few budding chefs in our midst! 🙂


We have achieved our Discover Science and Maths Award!!! Our Plaque of STEM Excellence will be sent to our school in June!!! Well to the staff, pupils and parents for all their hard work!!!

Winners of the Community Games Art and Model-Making Competitions!

Congratulations to all the children who participated in this year’s Community Games Art and Model-Making competitions. The results were as follows:

Boys U -8

Michael Kearns finished in first place.

Girls U -8

Zoe Joyce finished in first place and Aisling Gunning finished in second.

Boys U-10

Daniel Diggins finished in second place.

Girls U-10

Elisha Joyce finished in first place.

Girls U-12

Kacie Joyce finished in second place and Róisín Connolly finished in third.

Girls U-14

Abi Flanagan finished in first place.

Well done all of you! 🙂

Community Games Handwriting Competition

Well done to all those who participated in the Community Games Handwriting Competition. We especially congratulate the following children…

Girls U-7

Vicky Tobin and Sophia Harte finished in joint first place.

Megan Flanagan finished in second place.

Erin Nolan finished in joint third place.

Boys U-10

Jack Dolan finished in first place (and went on to win a bronze medal in the county final!)

Boys U-12

Killian Bligh finished in first place.

Girls 12 and over 

Abi Flanagan finished in second place.