The Bulbs

We have been busy planting bulbs in school. They come in all different shapes and sizes. When we planted the bulbs we planted them with the stem facing up. We covered the bulbs with clay and in Spring we will have lovely crocuses.

Bairín Breac

This Halloween we made a “Báirín Breac” with Mrs Callaghan and Mary. Mrs Callaghan brought in the ingredients, which included raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, cherries, flour and brown sugar.

First we soaked the fruit in tea. The next day we sieved the flour into the mixture. We put in two rings and then put the breac in the oven. It smelled lovely as it was cooking. There was great excitement when the breac was in the oven and we were wondering who would get the rings. Later we played the saucer game. We had great Halloween fun.



Third, fourth, fifth and sixth class were learning more about their home county Roscommon in Geography. The children were split up into groups and each group did some research on Roscommon. The children learnt learnt lots of interesting things about Roscommon including that the population is 64,336, it is an inland county, it is the eleventh largest county in Ireland, Seltnasaggat is the highest point in Roscommon and Clonalis House in Castlerea, Kings House in Boyle and Lough Key Forest Park are just some of the tourist attractions Roscommon has to offer.

Halloween Fancy Dress

On Friday the 27th of October there was a fancy dress day in school. Children dressed up as clowns, zombies, skeletons, witches and many more scary creatures. Everybody had great fun trying to guess who everyone was. It was a fun way to end the first term in school.

Fred the Magician

Fred the Magician visited our school on Monday the 23rd of October. Fred was a great entertainer and did lots of funny tricks and acts. Some of the acts including juggling, singing, telling jokes, playing instruments (Including the smallest instrument in the world) and even making Sarah float in the air. We really enjoyed the show and we hope Fred will visit our school again.

Cross Country and Blitz in Bekan

In October a number of sporting events took place including the Cross Country Championships and a training day in Bekan. Our first day out was at the cross country championships in Kiltoom. Children from third, fourth, fifth and sixth class took part on the day and we had a great day despite the wind and rain. Our second day out was on Thursday the 26th of October at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence in Bekan. We had a great day practising our skills and playing matches and it was great to see two past pupils from Threen National School coaching us on the day.

Autumnal Walk

On Thursday the 28th of September we went on an Autumnal walk along the Domain in Castlerea. We saw lots of interesting things along our journey. One of the things we observed was all the different trees such as the oak, horse chestnut, ash and sycamore trees. We inspected the leaves of these trees and we also saw some of their fruits like the conkers and acorns. We also walked along the river and we observed the different plants and animals that live along the route. We had a great day.


Potatoes From Our School Garden

At the start of October we dug up the potatoes from the school garden. We used a fork and bucket to dig up the potatoes. After we had dug the potatoes, we washed them and then peeled them. We then made chips, potato cubes and potato crisps with the potatoes. They were yummy.


A Poet Comes to Visit!

A big thank you to Jane Clarke, a poet of national acclaim, who visited our school on the 22nd of June! She shared some of her beautiful poetry with us, as did the children 🙂 The children had the opportunity to ask Jane questions about her poems and also participated in a poetry-writing workshop, much to their enjoyment! What a lovely experience 🙂